Valley Volunteers


Valley volunteers welcomes you, a new partner in the education of our valley's young people. It's a big job, and an important one for all of us in this community. I am thrilled and thankful that you are interested in joining KSD.

Valley Volunteer Mission Statement

KSD #391 involves volunteers from the Silver Valley as part of our motto “KSD Pride, Our kids, Our Schools, Our Community”. We believe that volunteers a key component to the success of our organization and our community. We see the value in the skills, experiences, and talents that volunteers contribute beyond what our excellent professional staff already bring to the schools and its work. By involving community members as volunteers we will see a positive culture change in the Silver Valley.

As a volunteer, you are special. The time you offer is a gift to our students and our staff. Your unique talents, skills and energies to the kids of our Valley are not unnoticed. Our students will learn a lot from you!

You can find our manual on our Documents page.

Check out the Opportunities page.

Dare to Imagine site.

Below you will find the VALLEY VOLUNTEER CONTACT FORM that you can fill out online, or contact us by email, or phone. Once you submit this form we will contact you.

Teachers may fill out a request for volunteers by clicking the "Volunteer Task Request Form" in the upper right hand corner.

At the bottom of this page you will find the most recent requests from the KSD 391 Staff. Check out the many fun ways to share your talents with the Valley Volunteers.

Helping you become a successful volunteer is the purpose of the district's Valley Volunteer program. There will may be an on site orientation. For the safety of our children, fingerprinting and background check may be required. Please let me know how I can make your time in our schools more pleasant, productive and personally satisfying. Please contact me by calling or emailing me with your desires to become part of the Volunteer staff.

Staff Contact Information: 208-784-7417

Valley Volunteer Task Opportunities